• Clear Browser Cache to Speed up PC

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  • Clean up All the Traces of Your Internet Activities

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This is a professional program. I love it very much!

-Angelique, Willard , United States

Your program has a very user-friendly interface; it can quickly clear browser cache and unwanted cookies!I like it.

-Matthew, Pound ,  Kenya

Registry Winner can remove lots of unnecessary files and free up my hard drive space! It’s so good to use it!

-Wilbur, Marcus , United States

Registry Winner

Clear Browser Cache to Speed up Your PC

Does your browser takes a long time to open and exit and always displays problems? If this is the case, try to clear browser cache.

The web browser stores the cache of your visited websites, including web pages, images, sounds, etc. Cache can reduce the loading time of the previously visited pages; however, as it gets bigger and bigger and occupies more and more hard disk space over time, lots of problems will occur. If you want to make your browser get rid of those problems and run smoother, you should clear browser cache regularly..

Manually Clear Browser Cache

The following part will outline how to clean cache of several popular browsers.

1. Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0, and 9.0

Click Internet Explorer- Tools-Internet Options–General-Browsing History-Temporary Internet Files-Delete-OK

2. Mozilla Firefox 2.0

Click Firefox-Tools –Options-Privacy Icon-Clear Now in the Private Data area-Ok

3. Google Chrome

Click the wrench icon of the Google Chrome - Tools-Clear browsing data-Empty the cache

If you don’t want to do it manually, you can use Registry Winner which can automatically perform all of the above steps and can regularly and completely clear browser cache.

Automatically Clear Browser Cache

Registry Winner can protect your privacy and clean up the traces of your Internet activities, including browser cache, cookies, unneeded files, etc. It can also check your hard drive to clear out any program designed to harm your computer or access your personal data.

Besides, it has many other terrific features:

1. Clear Windows Temporary Files, Recent Document List, Find History, Recently viewed pictures, Run History and much, much more

2. Allow you to personalize the browser by changing selected settings,, customizing home page and so on

3. Select, view, and save cookies you wish to keep

You can clear browser cache by using either the manual or automatic method, but if you want to clean unneeded cache files permanently and safely, using Registry Winner is far preferable.