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Sandy Brown, Liverpool

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Registry Winner

How to Clean Junk Files On Your PC

Over time, your computer will become choked with junk files such as temporary files, browser cache files and unused shortcuts which will then take up precious computer disk space that you may use to install programs or store documents and multimedia. They can also degrade the performance of your computer. So, cleaning junk files off your computer can dramatically improve your system performance. But, how to? The following are some methods to clean junk files manually and automatically.

How to Clean Junk Files by Yourself?

1. Delete unneeded files

Browse through “My Documents” “My Pictures” “My Videos” and “My Music”. Delete files that are not being used anymore. Remove files from your desktop or other folders that you created in the past if they are no longer needed.

Right click on the file that you want to delete and select “Delete” from the drop-down menu that appears. If you want to delete all the files in that particular folder, hold down Ctrl + A and press the “Delete” button. Another way to clean junk files is to click the file and press the Delete button. Click “Yes” when a question that says “Are you sure you want to delete [name of file]?” appears.

2. Deleted files from Recycle Bin

Open “Recycle Bin” and in the left pane, click “Empty the Recycle Bin”. You can also select the files that you want to delete and remove them one by one.

3. Do a “Disk Cleanup”

Click “Start” –>“All Programs”. –>Accessories –>“System Tools” -> “Disk Cleanup” and on the small window that pops up, select the drive that you want to clean up (typically “C”) and click “Ok” to clean all available drives from the drop down menu.

How to Clean Junk Files Automatically

If you are a newbie on pc, the manual process may be a little difficult and time-consuming for you. What’s more, you may often forget to clean them periodically.

Why not use a cleaner tool to help you do the task efficiently and periodically. Registry Winner is a top-quality registry cleaner which specialized at clean junk files. Install “Registry Winner”, choose “Junk Cleaner”, then click “Scan Now”. In less than one minute, your PC will be fully scanned, and you can then easily clean junk files easily and automatically without any other work.

Apart from the function of cleaning junk files, Registry Winner can also provides many other PC optimization functions, such as evidence cleaner, registry cleaner, system optimizer, service optimizer and memory optimizer, which will provide an all-around protection for your pc.